Our Services
  1. Group Clinics
    Group Clinics
    Group training is our main focus, we work with groups of 20 or less. We break up in to groups based on ability and age, most clinics are gender specific. We really try to work on the basic knowledge and skills of the game to improve each players understanding of basketball. We are teaching these girls/boys about hard work, focus, and determination which goes beyond the court, and hopefully prepares each player to be a team player in life.
  2. Camps
    H2H Skills Basketball Camps are designed to teach the fundamental strategies of Basketball through instructional skill sessions, including both offensive and defensive skills. Each day will include: Shooting instruction, weak hand work, dribbling development, finishing drills, defensive work, moving without the ball, group and individual competitions, plus more.
  3. Private Lessons
    Private Lessons
    Private lessons are provided on a requested basis and we will conduct each session based on the players needs or desires. We can work 1 on 1 or have both coaches present.